Test Laboratory, Simulators, and Data Security

The focus of the working group "Test Laboratory, Simulators, and Data Security" is on safety and security of networked medical devices and the testing of these aspects.

Mission of the working group

New challenges arise in terms of safety and security for interoperable and manufacturer-independent systems of networked medical devices. Thus, it is highly necessary to test these aspects. The typical SMEs, developing only a small number of different medical devices are not able to maintain its own testbed having a sufficient number and heterogeneity of other medical devices acting as networking partners. Therefore, the OR.NET association initiated the research project MoVE to develop and implement a reference test platform. To realize this, medical device simulators are necessary, being standard compliant reference implementation during the test procedure.

Goals of the working group

This working group of the OR.NET association intends to provide a test laboratory especially for SMEs. The aim is to facilitate testing against a networked medical device ensemble during the whole development process to guaranty aspects like patient safety and data security. Additionally to a possibility of testing in the test laboratory locally, it is intended to provide the possibility to connect to via a VPN tunnel.

The kick-off of the MoVE research project is scheduled for October 2017.

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