Standardization and Internationalization

This working group is emerged from the subproject "standardization" of the OR.NET research project. It pursues the previous work and focusses additionally on the internationalization of research results.

Mission of the working group

OR.NET aims on an open and manufacturer-independent networking of medical devices. Without an international standardization, the concepts would become just another proprietary system. Thus, standardization is one of the key enabler for knowledge and technology transfer from the research project OR.NET to industry. Additionally we maintain and extend the contact to other international research project like the US-American MD PnP or the Japanese SCOT as well as to international manufacturers, approval organizations, and public authorities.

Goals of the working group

As the ballot of the sub-standard IEEE 11073-20702 of the SDC family of standards has finished successfully, the current focus is on the ballot of the Domain Information and Service Model (IEEE 11073-10207). Afterwards, the binding standard IEEE 11073-20701 will be aimed. On the long run, the nomenclatures have to be extended and device specializations have to be developed.

The next international joint IEEE and HL7 working group meeting for standardization takes place at Madrid, Spain from May 6th to May 12th.

German delegation at IEEE and HL7 International Joint Working Group Meeting, May 2015, Paris, France.
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