Software Stacks (Libraries)

The working group Software Stacks deals with the creation and maintenance of software for the IEEE 11073 service-oriented device connectivity (SDC) standard family.

Mission of the working group

The implementation of the SDC standard family is carried out by partners in OR.NET e.V., which are part of this workgroup. The tasks include requirements analysis, design, implementation, documentation and testing of the software stacks. The standards to be considered are IEEE P11073-10207 (Basic Integrated Clinical Environment Protocol Specification), IEEE 11073-20702 (Medical Devices Profile for Web Services), and IEEE P11073-20701 (Architecture and Protocol Binding). To use the Stacks software, the workgroup defines a developer interface (API) in particular. Medical technology companies who wish to develop their products in a standardized manner using the stacks software can submit support requests to the workgroup. Workshops and training sessions are offered to deal with the software stacks.

Goals of the working group

A major goal is to reconcile the implementation work with the standardization work. New revisions of the standards must be incorporated into the software life cycle. On the other hand, members of the working group are also bringing their experience back into the standardization process in order to constantly develop the standards. The close cooperation with users of the software Stacks is of course also in the foreground. Feedback on the use of the stacks helps the working group to further improve the stacks.


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