Project structure

The structure of the project is divided into technical sub projects (SP), which in turn are divided into causally related work packages (WP). Both SPs and WPs can be edited concurrently, have dependencies, or interact with one another. Each subproject and the work packages have heads and deputies, who are responsible for the respective SPs and WPs and report on the steering group as well as the overall consortium. The above figure shows a summary of the subprojects and the contexts of the relevant content and partial results.


In the project OR.NET, providers of integrated operating rooms cooperate with manufacturers of medical products such as medical devices and medical technology components as well as (IT) service providers and software producers. They are supported by numerous research institutes as well as hospitals. The clinical partners include both specialist clinics as well as clinical IT departments and device operators in the project.
In order to make the project results known throughout Germany and beyond, the OR.NET project will actively contribute to standardization and normalization and thereby supported by the appropriate committees and regulatory bodies. The following partners are actively driving the OR.NET project, supported by other associated partners:

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