The increasing number of computer-assisted devices and instruments currently leads to the need to integrate medical systems and software solutions into a comprehensive infrastructure in the operating room and clinic. The great variety of devices and the information that accompanies them can be integrated within the scope of this network through dynamic networking to new and innovative functions.
The overriding goal of technical developments in medicine is to improve the quality and safety of health care.
The security and usability of networked medical devices and IT systems is a central quality criterion as well as an element of risk management. Due to increasingly complex technology and the growing complexity of human-machine interaction in the medical environment, the consideration of this aspect in the risk management of medical devices is growing rapidly Of importance.


  • Service connector, adapting to the IEEE 11073 standard
  • Connector Software Development Kit
  • Advisory authorization, risk management and test methods for open networked systems
  • Consulting Human-machine interaction and UI development for consistent and standard-compliant control interfaces at central control cover pits
  • Consulting IEEE 11073 Standard: Data model and protocol
  • At various locations in Germany, demonstrators will be presented, which have focused on different questions on the topic of “crosslinker OP”
  • Information events with topics such as standardization, approval, history of networked surgery, …
  • Workshops with hands-on for the practical implementation
  • Also inHouse workshops and information events are possible!

Purpose of the association

  • Long-term maintenance of the OR.NET standard (securing sustainability)
  • Continuity of the (German-wide) cooperation according to OR.NET
    – Maintain the structure of the working groups
    – Joint workshops
    – Exchange of data and information
  • Hosting an IT infrastructure including free tools
  • Promotion, initiation and support of research projects within the meaning of the Association’s purpose
    – E.g. Creation of networks (for example, ZIM) for the planning and preparation of research and development projects on individual questions as well as for applications for funding (national, international)
  • Service
    – advising and educating medical device manufacturers, developers, operators and users in general, as well as developing, licensing, manufacturing and launching new medical devices, in particular also in mediation for potentially suitable service partners
  • Operation of test centers and laboratories at different locations
  • Constructive cooperation with national and international organizations and associations as well as the exchange of information and cooperation with experts at home and abroad
  • Support for scientific and educational events
  • Publicity work for the dissemination of the club objectives and thematic contents from of the above mentioned Areas
  • Creation of information and communication platforms on topics relevant to the objectives of the association
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