The Industrial Working Group represents the interests of the industrial partners in the association.

Mission of the working group

One of the tasks of the working group is the representation of the companies in the OR.NET e.V. The AG Industrie is the first contact for interested parties from the industry. It is responsible for the definition of the quality assurance processes, the coordination of the subsequent integration of the results of the other working groups into commercial solutions and all other commercial aspects of the association (certification, market situation, utilization …). In cooperation with the other working groups of the association, for example, general consultations or active cooperations and coordination with regard to requirement analyzes, recommendations for interface standards or the prototypical implementation of interfaces are coordinated. The aim is to achieve the broadest possible consensus on the definitions of open standards for commercially viable surgical work systems and components.

Goals of the working group

The aims of the working group are to increase the visibility of the OR.NET e.V., to acquire further industrial partners in order to strengthen OR.NET e.V. and the support of the other working groups with the bundled expertise of the industrial partners.

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