New IEEE Draft Standard P11073-20701 completes second ballot round

The standardisation process of the IEEE 11073 SDC series of standards for vendor-independent interoperable connectivity of point-of-care medical devices is heading down the home straight. The first two parts IEEE 11073-20702 Medical Devices Communication Profile for Web Services (MDPWS) and IEEE 11073-10207 Domain Information and Service Model for Service-Oriented Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication completed balloting in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The last missing piece, the IEEE Draft Standard P11073-20701 Service-Oriented Medical Device Exchange Architecture & Protocol Binding, is now being balloted. After 137 expert comments in the first round, the second ballot round finished on June 1st 2018 with only 142 comments. We will now incorporate these comments and prepare the document for the upcoming final ballot round. We thank all experts for their valuable input and we are looking forward to completing the ballot phase soon.

Posted by Andreas Besting

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