Coordination of OR.NET test centers and demonstrator sites

The working group „Coordination of OR.NET test centers and demonstrator sites“ is emerged from the subproject Demonstrators and represents the results of the project OR.NET and the work of the association to the public.

Mission of the working group

Apart from the presentation of the results to interested parties from politics, business and science in the local locations and at trade fairs, the group also includes the practical advancement of the technologies and concepts as well as the establishment of new research cooperations. The demonstrators and test centers also serve to support the other working groups through practical integration.

Goals of the working group

The aim of the working group is to support the dissemination of an established standard for the open and dynamic networking of medical devices and medical software by means of a practical implementation of the concepts and technologies.

The next public presentation of the results will take place on the conhIT2017 between 25th and 27th of April in Berlin.

Figure1: Demonstrator site at the conhIT2016 exhibition in Berlin
Figure 2: Presentation of the demonstrator at the ICCAS on the occasion of the visit of the Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (Picture: Swen Reichhold)
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