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Association profile

The aim of the non-profit organization OR.NET eV is, based on the results of the BMBF project OR.NET (2012-2016) in the pre-competitive field of medical and technical research and development basic concepts for the secure dynamic networking of components in the operating room and clinic, to evaluate them and to transform them into standardization activities.
These concepts are then to be presented in suitable training and further training courses as well as service offerings in connection with the test and approval in order to secure and expand the sustainability.
Especially the automatic dynamic networking of computer-controlled medical devices in the operating theater and the interaction of these devices with medically approved software is a particular challenge to information and communication technologies (ICT) in the medical application field.



  • Service connector, adapting to the IEEE 11073 standard
  • Connector Software Development Kit
  • Advisory authorization, risk management and test methods for open networked systems
  • Consulting Human-machine interaction and UI development for consistent and standard-compliant user interfaces at central control cobblers
  • Consulting IEEE 11073 Standard: Data model and protocol
  • Presentation of the technology and possibilities of device integration at various locations in Germany on the topic “Networked OP”
  • Information events with topics such as standardization, approval, history of networked surgery,…
  • Workshops with hands-on for practical implementation

Working group

The operational basis of the cooperation is formed by working groups where different topics are dealt with in the context of the club's goals such as:


The Industrial Working Group represents the interests of industrial partners in the…MORE »

Human-Machine-Interaction and Risk Management

The workgroup “Human-Machine-Interaction and Risk Management” is part of the OR.NET subproject…MORE »

Test Laboratory, Simulators, and Data Security

The focus of the workgroup “test labs, simulators and data security” is the security…MORE »

Clinical users and operators

In addition to some dangers, the digitization in the clinic offers advantages…MORE »

Approval strategies

The Working Group “Approval Strategies” has been developed from the OR.NET subproject “Admissibility”…MORE »

Education and Training

Standardization and Internationalization

The working group was created from the subproject “standardization” of the…MORE »

Software Stacks (Libraries)

The working group Software Stacks deals with the creation and maintenance of software…MORE »

Coordination of OR.NET test centers and demonstrator sites

The working group “Coordination of OR.NET Test Centers and Demonstrator Sites”…MORE »

Board of Directors

Dr. Frank Portheine, SurgiTAIX AG, Herzogenrath

Deputy Chairman:
Prof. Thomas Neumuth, ICCAS, Universität Leipzig

Prof. Martin Leucker, ISP, Universität zu Lübeck

Board of Industry:
Marc Stanesby, steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, Löhne

Board of Clinic:
PD Dr. Michael Czaplik, Klinik für Anästhesie, Uniklinikum Aachen

Board of Standardization:
Dr. Stefan Schlichting, Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA , Lübeck

Board of Risk Management and Approval:
Dr. Armin Janß, CeMPEG e.V., Aachen


The OR.NET e.V. consists of companies, associations, clinics and research institutes.
  • 57% - Companies
  • 29% - Research institutes
  • 9% - Clinics
  • 5% - Associations



In the project OR.NET, providers of integrated operating rooms cooperate with manufactures of medical products such as medical devices and medical technology components as well as (IT) service providers and software manufactures.MORE »


Certifiable integrated medical technology and IT systems based on open standards in the operating room and clinic (ZiMT).MORE »

BMBF Project MoVE

On 01.10.2017, the BMBF research project MoVE started under the direction of OR.NET e.V. A total of 16 partners from industry, services and research are involved in the research project.MORE »




Telephone: +49 2407 555 999 0


Fax: +49 2407 555 999 1


E-Mail: info@ornet.org
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